A story made of rearview mirrors, shiny body and a leather seat, a story of independence and love in Manchester by Tim Parks. You can't be unmoved if there's a Vespa involved in the plot: if you own one, you can understand.

"Mark parked his Vespa beside three others outside Yasmin’s school, in Manchester, where it would be safe. Yasmin never bothered going to school on Fridays, so they had to meet elsewhere. The day was dull and drizzly, and Mark had got damp riding into town. He felt a little uncomfortable. His jeans were spotted with mud, but his fingers were warm in nice new gloves. He loved his Vespa. He locked his helmet under the seat and, led by a series of text messages, took the bus three stops to Elmsley Street, where Yasmin said they could make love in an empty house; there was a way in through the garden, she said. She had been there before. [...]"

Client: The New Yorker  Year: 2015
vespa 2vespa 2

Ph: Alice Turchini